Light is Everything!

In the Print Shop

Over the Christmas holidays, I was able to check out my dad’s new setup. He does a lot of wildlife photography and has the need to do larger prints. He and a friend bought a gigantic Epson 9600 printer that is capable of printing stuff 44″ by 100 feet long (on a roll). We were experimenting with printing some 16×20 canvas which turned out well. We also threw together some home made frames. The way we made the  frames worked, but there is a much simpler way to make them using a really cool setup from Breathing Color Inc. There’s a YouTube vid here explaining the quick, easy process.

The beauty of that system is that it wraps the corners of the canvas into the frame mitre and makes for a much nicer end result. But we still had fun doing ours up “the old fashioned” way. 🙂

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