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Archive for January 5, 2011

HDR Nikon Quick Tip

I came across this really informative YouTube vid a little while back. It’s a super helpful tip for Nikon users who want to do HDR photography. It makes use of the Nikon camera option to do handsfree auto bracketing. You setup your camera to take the desired number of exposures, say, 5 each 1 stop apart. Then you compose your shot on your tripod, click this menu option and sit back as the camera goes hog wild automatically bracketing your set number of exposures! It’s really easy to do once you’ve got it setup. It works great in nearly all circumstances, unless you’ve got really weird conditions like trying to do an HDR exposure through a window in a really darkroom – you might need to under expose more images to get ensure  you’ve got all the shadows for example. But I’d say for the majority of HDR scenes, the 5 exposure setup with auto bracketing works slick! As always though, check your histograms to make sure you haven’t clipped your highlights and shadows.  Tony Sweet’s HDR DVD is really helpful too if you want so see HDR being done and processed. In the vid, Tony uses Photomatix. I think though, he will also enjoy Nik Software’s HDR app. It’s pure awesome with less hassle! 🙂