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Archive for January 24, 2011

Snow Fire

Twice a day, every day, God blesses us with “Golden Light” – the light at sunrise and the light at sunset. It is warm and beautiful, especially in winter time! It can add a lot of pizzazz to landscape shots. Last night we had a clear sky so the sun was shining in all of its glory. I looked off my back porch and saw a photo – back lit blowing snow at evening golden light. The snow looked as if it was a prairie fire blazing out of control! I slammed my 70-300mm into f/16 and underexposed 1/3-2/3 to really saturate the colors. Also, the extreme contrast in lights and darks would have fooled the matrix meter so I spot metered the burning ridge to nail the exposure. I was tickled to see the results in the view finder and even more tickled after I tweaked the shots in post. Gotta love golden light! 🙂

ISO 100 f/16 1/30 -0.33ev 300mm

ISO 100 f/16 1/120 -0.67ev 300mm

ISO 100 f/16 1/100 -0.67ev 300mm

ISO 100 f/16 1/200 -0.67ev 210mm