Light is Everything!

The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

Two hours in the rink goes super fast when you’re taking pics. Small town hockey arenas are cold and rustic. Small town hockey photos are even trickier! 😉 The white balance is crazy. There are no port holes to shoot through so you have to shoot through glass or shoot over top of it. ISOs are ridiculously high. But it’s still fun. I went tonight and nabbed some shots of the Pee Wee game between the Oxbow Huskies & the Carlyle Cougars. I had to really process them in post to get a pleasing white balance (3362 in case you’re wondering) and then crank it up another notch with NIK’s Color eFex Pro (Pro Contrast). This seemed to keep the whites white and the blacks black. It works for me! 2.8 glass would have come in handy for tonight’s shoot but the old 70-300 VR & 16-85mm VR did an alright job. If you have to shoot through glass/plexiglass, the best thing you can do is take off your lens hood & your filter and put your camera lens right on the glass. It minimizes distortion! 🙂

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