Light is Everything!

Frosty Morning Landscapes

When I woke up and looked out my window, the sun was just starting to peak over the horizon. There was scads of hoar frost everywhere and as the sun started to warm things up, I knew I had to go nab some shots! I drove south with my 16-85mm lens and went to work composing shots. There were pictures everywhere but I had a few spots in mind that I knew I had to stop at – mainly because I missed them last week when I was driving south without my camera! 😉 I threw my tripod in as well just in case some HDR opportunities showed arose – which they did.


I came across this really cool shed and the way the light was, I couldn’t quite get the exposure with one shot. I wanted to keep the detail on the shed so I did a five shot bracket and stitched it together with HDR eFex Pro. It is some awesome software. I did one more HDR shot of the road that I was parked on which turned out ok too. I didn’t push either of the images too much, just enough to get the colors and the structure I like in the snow.

HDR Road

Anyways, it was a very pleasant morning of shooting landscapes, despite it being really cold and freezing my hands. Guess I need to buy some gloves! 😉

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