Light is Everything!

Making a Gallery Wrap

While at my parent’s place this past weekend, we printed up some canvas prints and finished them with a gallery wrap. I thought it might make a cool video so I recorded the process on my D300s. Making the gallery wrapped canvas photo is a  really slick system that the guys got from breathing color and have since customized to work with their own local wood products for the frames. The wood used is White & Black poplar from Love, Saskatchewan.

The beauty of the breathing color system is that it places the folded corner of the canvas inside the mitred wood frame making it very sturdy. The canvas can’t pull out of the frame, making for an excellent end product. I hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

PS: The prints featured in the video are being donated to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation for fund raising purposes. My custom Pheasant print and the white tailed deer print will be available for auction at the Souris- Moose Creek Wildlife Federation’s 20th Annual Wildlife Fund Raiser and Auction in Oxbow, SK on April 9th. Show up and take one of the beautiful prints home with you! 😉

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