Light is Everything!

Chess Club

Hehehehehehe……. my wife used to be in a chess club. What a nerd! 😉 I probably would have joined one too, cuz I’m cool like that.  Chess is probably the noblest of all games if you exclude parcheesi. 😀 Anyways, we squared off last night with a bottle of our favorite wine (Angus, an Australian Cabernet-Sauvignon) and my old glass chess set that Regan bought me. I’ve always wanted to take pictures of this set and the new 50mm f/1.4 provided the sweet sweet bokehliciousness needed to do it. Normally, one should use a macro lens for this kind of thing, but I’m never taking that 50mm off my camera again! 😉 I thought I would punch the contrast a lot and do some black and whites as the lighting was not super great.

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