Light is Everything!

Itsy Bitsy

Last night my wife saw a spider and sent me on a mission to go squash it.  She said, “it’s huge!” I said “is it Macro worthy?!” 😉 I get downstairs and behold, here’s a tiny spider about the size of your pinky nail. I thought it was cool and went and grabbed my macro setup. In this case I used off camera flash to add dimension to the photo. I noticed that this poor spider had lost a limb and had this big bubble of bug blood oozing off of it. Yuck! But a cool photo.

ISO 200 f/7.1 1/60 105mm

I new it was in trouble so I put it on a piece of white computer paper and card stock corner to act as a make shift light box. The light went from my SB-600 camera right and also from my pop up flash too to try and wrap light around the whole spider with minimal shadows. Worked out OK as an impromptu Macro shoot.
R.I.P. little spider. 😉


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