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Archive for May 5, 2011

Recycling! Yay!

Today, I finally got my new recycling bins! Literally after mentioning on facebook that they hadn’t arrived, boom! There they were! Now, we have curb side recycling for the low low cost of like $7 bones a month. Basically, one dollar cheaper than my netflix subscription! 😉 This means I no longer have to spend an hour sorting my recycling because my wife refuses to put stuff in the right bins (we’re in couples therapy about that), load it all up into my truck, drive all the way around the tracks, drive all the way to the giant bins, fight to cram stuff into the bins because nobody flattens there cardboard before jamming it in, then, drive all the way home again. Phew! This is a steal of a deal if your time and mental health means anything. Plus, you get to save a tree. How green is that!? 😉  I’m stoked to have curb side recycling and you should be too. Because Recycling is cool like that. 🙂