Light is Everything!

Ich bin ein Strobist

I have been reading the Strobist blog non stop for the past few days. It’s the absolute best place to go on the net for learning how lighting works. So good, I made it a permanent banner link on the right side of my blog page. The information is incredibly useful, accurate and real life. I can’t recommend it enough! Bookmark it and visit often. It rocks the set.

I’ve been playing with strobe for the last couple of days and day dreaming of light ratios. I’ve still got the Lastolite Ezybox and so I started playing with it today to try to get pictures of Ethan’s new haircut. He’s so cute. But it’s tough because kids don’t sit still and they don’t want to stand in one place for you. So here I am, walking around the house with the Ezybox on a stick, trying to do flash photos of the wriggliest little worms on the planet. heheheheheh… it was nothing shy of a gong-show. But it was fun and I did manage to nab a couple of keepers.

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I think that turns people off about flash photography – at first – is the terrible results that come from on camera/pop up flash. People see the harshness and think “Yuck! Turn that crap off! It’s terrible!” And it is. But off camera flash can produce some very cool results. It can go from edgy to soft and airy to a nice balance with just a flick of your exposure dial. Conceptualizing flash photography isn’t really all that hard. We worry about exposure, but it’s a simple matter of asking yourself, what do I want from this photo? Do I want a dark and edgy, noir look? Then you crank your shutter speed to 250 or more and dial your aperture down to f/11 or smaller. Do you want to balance the flash and make it not look like it was strobed much at all? Dial your shutter speed down to let in loads of ambient light. Want it airy fairy? Dial it way down and open your aperture really wide. It’s not all that hard really. It’s more of deciding what you want and then making the technology work for you. When you become a strobist, you become master of the universe! Why? Because you control light and make it rather than observing it and working around it. 🙂


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