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Archive for May 21, 2011

Rainy Day = Productivity(?)

Well, today we got some more rain. What else is new? But, if you can’t go out and have fun, you can get stuff done. I went to work putting together the Fight for Fonstad CDs, which are now encased and ready to go. It’s nice to have that project completed and everyone will have their photos this week. 🙂

I also spent the morning watching a new DVD I got from the Nikon School on the Creative Lighting System. The first half of the video is Bob Krist in the studio, doing portraits with speedlights as well as showing off some macro lighting techniques and the ins and outs of the Nikon flash system. The second part is cool stuff with Joe McNally in live lighting situations. The DVD rocks the set and for $30.00 it’s worth it. I was familiar with most of the content already via Joe McNally’s sessions on Kelby Training and also from reading the Strobist Blog. But it was still an excellent learning tool and resource that we might be able to put to good use in the photography club.

As for now, back to watching it downpour. 😐