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Photo Fun All On One Page

I decided last minute to put all my 30 days of photo fun pics all in one place. Here they be. πŸ˜€

Photo Fun ~ Day 30

Challenge of the Day: Family! πŸ˜€

Well there we have it!! The whole 30 day madness hath come to an end. 1 photo a day was super fun & challenging to squeeze it in some days. But it’s been a blast! Thanks for looking at my pics! 8)


Down on the Farm

I had the kids today so I went to do a parish visit – to a waaay cool farm! Kelvin & Theresa and the girls have an incredible farm with nearly every animal under the sun. And, as of this last week, a rescued white tailed deer fawn. It’s being bottle fed the same formula as the lambs. The kids had a blast and rounded out the day picking strawberries, and even saving a few to take home. πŸ˜‰ Super fun way to spend the morning before it got ridiculously hot/humid. 8)

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Photo Fun ~ Day 29

Challenge of the Day: Trees.

Photo Fun ~ Day 28

Challenge of the Day: Transportation.

Photo Fun ~ Day 27

Challenge of the Day: Your Weakness. πŸ˜†

Grad is Rad

Grad! The latest crop of the brightest and best of 2011 has arrived! A very exciting time to say the least. The whole world awaits the new ideas, discoveries and contributions these young people will make. And we photogs get to take pics of ’em! How rad is that? It’s super rad! 8) And, it’s a great excuse for some family portraits too. Seriously, when is it not a good time to take pictures? Β . . . if you answered “at the Grad Party” you’d be right. πŸ˜‰

Congratulations T.J. and all the whole class of 2011! We’re so proud of you! Β May God bless you and keep you now and in the years ahead! πŸ˜€




Photo Fun ~ Day 26

Challenge of the Day: Favourite Color.

Souris Floods – Receding!

I don’t know if it’s temporary or what, but the water has receded south of Oxbow. A thick layer of river silt now covers the ground. It reminds me of the Skeena river near Kitimat, BC. As the tide would go out it would often leave a silty layer behind on the river banks, almost like a soft clay. Hopefully this is a sign of brighter days ahead. Also, where the road meets the bridge has been filled in and is passable now too, which is a great relief for anyone living south of Oxbow for sure! 8)

Photo Fun ~ Day 25

Challenge of the Day: Citrus. 8)


Lighting Session

The topic at last nights Souris Valley Photography Club meeting was lighting. We did a sweet progression of flash exposures going from the pop-up flash on the camera all the way up to off camera lighting setups and professional softbox lighting. It was really cool to watch the light completely transform the image from something that looked like it came from a cop shop mug shot to something truly beautiful and amazing! Thanks again to Michaela for being our super model and letting us blast her poor retinas into oblivion! πŸ˜‰

Photo Fun ~ Day 24

Challenge of the Day: Love.

Production Note: I had seen this kind of wedding photo before and I love how the shadow of the ring makes a heart in the spine of the book. A nice subtle touch for extra lovey-doveyness. πŸ˜›

Souris Flooding ~ Update

This is a quick update of some photos of the flooding conditions south of Oxbow. The photos were taken at about 7:30PM June 23rd. The water is up significantly and the road on the south side of the bridge has heaved and cracked significantly – which is scary. I predicted the water wouldn’t raise up over that bridge, but it might simply wash the bridge away! Especially if the bank gives way. 😯


Photo Fun ~ Day 23

Challenge of the Day: Black & White.

Souris Floods & Alameda Dam

“How high’s the water, mama?” . . . it’s waaay too high Johnny Cash, thanks for asking. Went for a quick drive this morning and nabbed a few more update shots of the flooding crisis. It’s hard to believe there can be this much water. I have also been wanting to get some shots of the Alameda Dam spillway too. So we ran over to the Dam and did a little hike to nab some photos. The weather was finally cooperating and I got some nice light and clouds which I was happy about. To top it all off, some folks were fishin’ on the spill way side. Why not? :mrgreen:

PS: If you ever wondered what those little huts are down by the Dam, they are checking stations. We ran into one of the techs who was there making sure all was well structurally with the Dam. I always thought they were bees. πŸ˜‰

Photo Fun ~ Day 22

Challenge of the Day: Landscape.

Photo Fun ~ Day 21

Challenge of the Day: Micro/Close Up.

This is a cactus blossom growing in our backyard I was waiting and waiting and waiting for that ant to finally crawl up the bloom. Macro Photography = 1 part lens + 9,000 parts patience. Β Great Lighting. 8)

Souris River Floods!

It’s getting much worse south of Oxbow and in the South East. The flood water has risen enormously!

Here is a side by side comparison of the water levels overnight, you can see how much it has come up!!

5:03PM June 20

8:52AM June 21

Oxbow has been advised to ration water too, fearing that the town well will become contaminated by the rising floods. YIKES! 😯 This is terrible stuff. We will certainly be praying about it and especially for people who have become displaced because of it.

Photo Fun ~ Day 20

Challenge of the Day: Water.

This is the spillway at the Alameda Dam. There is a metric tonne of water coming over this puppy per second. The town of Oxbow is on alert because of the flooding, as is much of the South East. It’s truly unbelievable how much water is lying around and flowing through rivers right now. And the incessant rain isn’t helping things either. . . . Time to start building an ark. πŸ˜‰ Β . . . in all seriousness though, I truly hope the evacuation orders are just precautionary and that people don’t lose their homes to this. 😐

Heinous Summer Storms

The last couple days have brought real humdinger storms to the prairies. Obscene amounts of rain. Crazy hurricane-esque winds! It’s been wild. I snapped a few shots during a 5 minute monsoon that dropped off a full inch of rain in my rain gauge. It was wild to say the least! Then it was gone again as quickly as it arrived. But last night took the cake. I was trying to get lighting pics off my back deck when you could see the wall o’ water coming straight for us. I went inside to avoid getting pummelled by the onslaught. Going to the north side of our house and sticking the camera through our open door, I was able to nab some shots of the water in our crescent. Unbelievable!!!! I’m guessing an inch an half based on my rain gauge. I was using extremely long shutter speeds to get the shots because the only light available was the street light and the neighbor’s outside lights. It made the water turn to silk, which was cool. Our street’s storm drain sounded like a bathtub drain as the water gurgled away. It couldn’t take it away fast enough! Probably not the last we’ll see of the heinous summer storms!

Photo Fun ~ Day 19

Challenge of the Day: Summer Time.

Photo Fun ~ Day 18

Challenge of the Day: Eyes.

Photo Fun ~ Day 17

Challenge of the Day: Bokeh.

“Bokeh” (pronounced BOH-keh, not boquet or some such jibba jabba), is the Japanese word for the stuff in the picture that is out of focus. Most of the time, the quality of a lens is judged at least partially in how well it renders these out of focus bokeh bits. If the lens produces cream cheese bokehliciousness, it’s good. Very good. If it produces course-looking harsh not-so-out-of-focus bits, its terrible bokeh. In real life portraits, it makes a big difference. You want to focus on the subject and the out of focus stuff should help the viewer’s eye go to the right place – not badly rendered out of focus stuff.

For today’s challenge, I wanted to play with the Japanese-ness of the theme. What’s more Japanese than Ninja Turtles?! Nothing. That’s what. So, I grabbed Michelangelo and turned my bokeh into turtles to further support the motif. Christmas lights work wonders all year round! πŸ˜‰

Photo Fun ~ Day 16

Challenge of the Day: Mason Jar/Jelly Jar.

Big thanks to Cindy and the folks at the Bow Valley Villa for letting me borrow the gold fish for this shot. πŸ™‚ No fish were harmed in the shooting of this mason jar.