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Macro @ The Green Bow

The best thing about living in a small town is that you can get away with stuff you probably couldn’t do in a city setting. No, I don’t mean peeing in your front yard or shooting vermin from the back porch. I’m talking about photos in public places. I asked at the friendly neighbourhood flower shop if I could take some pictures of all the beautiful flowers. They said yes. They probably didn’t realize I was bringing my tripod and ginormous reflector. heheehehe… 😉 I was able to snap photos for 2 hours in the green house from my tripod. I could never have done this in a city setting with scads of people crawling about. It worked fantastic and I was thankful for the opportunity. A CD of images as a thank you is coming to you, Green Bow! 🙂

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Photo Fun ~ Day 5

Challenge of the Day: Breakfast Today.