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Photo Fun ~ Day 13

Challenge of the Day: Reminds you of Childhood.

Historic Anecdote: As kids my Gramma Schultz would keep the grandkids filled with a steady supply of popsicles. From time immemorial, popsicles have been infused with my childhood. I am glad to have passed on the tradition. 🙂


Foggy Mornin’

Woke up to a thick blanket of fog this morning. Grabbed the camera and walked out back with the dog. My jeans were soaked to the knee in the first 50 yards! heheehehe… it was super damp everywhere, just like a rain cloud had settled on the ground. I was able to nab  a few frames before the wind picked up and blew the fog away. The number 1 challenge of the day was not being eaten alive by 10 zillion billion mosquitoes, who also kept annoying me by flying in front of my lens. How inconsiderate those little vampires are. 😉 The picture at the end is my pants soaked right up to the pockets, just from walking through the long grass!