Light is Everything!

Photo Fun ~ Day 17

Challenge of the Day: Bokeh.

“Bokeh” (pronounced BOH-keh, not boquet or some such jibba jabba), is the Japanese word for the stuff in the picture that is out of focus. Most of the time, the quality of a lens is judged at least partially in how well it renders these out of focus bokeh bits. If the lens produces cream cheese bokehliciousness, it’s good. Very good. If it produces course-looking harsh not-so-out-of-focus bits, its terrible bokeh. In real life portraits, it makes a big difference. You want to focus on the subject and the out of focus stuff should help the viewer’s eye go to the right place – not badly rendered out of focus stuff.

For today’s challenge, I wanted to play with the Japanese-ness of the theme. What’s more Japanese than Ninja Turtles?! Nothing. That’s what. So, I grabbed Michelangelo and turned my bokeh into turtles to further support the motif. Christmas lights work wonders all year round! 😉


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