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Photo Fun ~ Day 20

Challenge of the Day: Water.

This is the spillway at the Alameda Dam. There is a metric tonne of water coming over this puppy per second. The town of Oxbow is on alert because of the flooding, as is much of the South East. It’s truly unbelievable how much water is lying around and flowing through rivers right now. And the incessant rain isn’t helping things either. . . . Time to start building an ark. 😉  . . . in all seriousness though, I truly hope the evacuation orders are just precautionary and that people don’t lose their homes to this. 😐


Heinous Summer Storms

The last couple days have brought real humdinger storms to the prairies. Obscene amounts of rain. Crazy hurricane-esque winds! It’s been wild. I snapped a few shots during a 5 minute monsoon that dropped off a full inch of rain in my rain gauge. It was wild to say the least! Then it was gone again as quickly as it arrived. But last night took the cake. I was trying to get lighting pics off my back deck when you could see the wall o’ water coming straight for us. I went inside to avoid getting pummelled by the onslaught. Going to the north side of our house and sticking the camera through our open door, I was able to nab some shots of the water in our crescent. Unbelievable!!!! I’m guessing an inch an half based on my rain gauge. I was using extremely long shutter speeds to get the shots because the only light available was the street light and the neighbor’s outside lights. It made the water turn to silk, which was cool. Our street’s storm drain sounded like a bathtub drain as the water gurgled away. It couldn’t take it away fast enough! Probably not the last we’ll see of the heinous summer storms!