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Photo Fun ~ Day 21

Challenge of the Day: Micro/Close Up.

This is a cactus blossom growing in our backyard I was waiting and waiting and waiting for that ant to finally crawl up the bloom. Macro Photography = 1 part lens + 9,000 parts patience.  Great Lighting. 8)


Souris River Floods!

It’s getting much worse south of Oxbow and in the South East. The flood water has risen enormously!

Here is a side by side comparison of the water levels overnight, you can see how much it has come up!!

5:03PM June 20

8:52AM June 21

Oxbow has been advised to ration water too, fearing that the town well will become contaminated by the rising floods. YIKES! 😯 This is terrible stuff. We will certainly be praying about it and especially for people who have become displaced because of it.