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Souris Floods & Alameda Dam

“How high’s the water, mama?” . . . it’s waaay too high Johnny Cash, thanks for asking. Went for a quick drive this morning and nabbed a few more update shots of the flooding crisis. It’s hard to believe there can be this much water. I have also been wanting to get some shots of the Alameda Dam spillway too. So we ran over to the Dam and did a little hike to nab some photos. The weather was finally cooperating and I got some nice light and clouds which I was happy about. To top it all off, some folks were fishin’ on the spill way side. Why not? :mrgreen:

PS: If you ever wondered what those little huts are down by the Dam, they are checking stations. We ran into one of the techs who was there making sure all was well structurally with the Dam. I always thought they were bees. 😉


Photo Fun ~ Day 22

Challenge of the Day: Landscape.