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Souris Floods – Receding!

I don’t know if it’s temporary or what, but the water has receded south of Oxbow. A thick layer of river silt now covers the ground. It reminds me of the Skeena river near Kitimat, BC. As the tide would go out it would often leave a silty layer behind on the river banks, almost like a soft clay. Hopefully this is a sign of brighter days ahead. Also, where the road meets the bridge has been filled in and is passable now too, which is a great relief for anyone living south of Oxbow for sure! 8)


Photo Fun ~ Day 25

Challenge of the Day: Citrus. 8)


Lighting Session

The topic at last nights Souris Valley Photography Club meeting was lighting. We did a sweet progression of flash exposures going from the pop-up flash on the camera all the way up to off camera lighting setups and professional softbox lighting. It was really cool to watch the light completely transform the image from something that looked like it came from a cop shop mug shot to something truly beautiful and amazing! Thanks again to Michaela for being our super model and letting us blast her poor retinas into oblivion! 😉