Light is Everything!

It’s a Hummdinger!

I’m on holidays right now! YEE HAW! It’s great to get away. I’ve been busy on the ol’ picture mill too. After being in Grenfell for a few days taking in all the centennial activities as well as family fun, I’ve got 4 full memory cards, 8GB each – all RAW. That’s 24 GB of pics to wade through! I can’t wait. But today, while taking it easy, I got to play with my Dad’s (*ahem*) awesome Canon wildlife setup. 1D Mark III & a 500mm f/4. Does it get any better?! (If you said a D3 with a 600mm f/4 you’d be right) 😉  Mom’s garden is chock full of flowers and birds so I setup the big guns and nabbed some hummingbirds when they came in!

For the last shot, I setup Dad’s 580EXii on a stand with his Pocket Wizards. Super rad to light up these little hummers. They really shine! Not too bad a day, even if I had to use Canon stuff…. 😉


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