Light is Everything!

Photo Madness!

Today was reminiscent of our Fight for Fonstad Foto Shoots as I had a bunch of back to back sessions today. It couldn’t have been more fun, even though the wind blowing my umbrellas all over creation, despite being weighted down. 😳 Luckily I had some great up and coming photo assistants hold them for the last 2 shoots! 8)  Family portraits was the name of the game today, before and after a family wedding. Everyone’s gussied up and lookin’ good, might as well grab some photos. So I had my guerilla lighting kit and away we went. It was super fun, even got the dog lit up! I always strive to get everything as close to perfect in camera as possible to streamline the editing process and it helps a metric tonne. Much can be learned from the old film photographic legends who were careful and thought things through on the technical end. If you do, then you simply sit back and start rockin out the shots! That’s where the real fun begins! 😆



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