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SK Workers Conference

We had the Saskatchewan Pastor’s & Deacon’s conference in Lumsden from Sunday night to Tuesday morning. The event was held at St. Michael’s retreat centre. What goes on at such events? Well, here’s your inside pictorial guide! 😉 Definitely not as wild and crazy as Opus Dei, but really close. Actually, it’s mainly a bunch of banter, jibba jabba, learning, some business and a dash of merriment. This year’s speaker was without a doubt the best yet. Professor Pulse from Concordia  Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana gave a very insightful presentation on Unified Theological Motifs that occur in the Old Testament. I said they were actually reverse engineered allegorical thematic linkages. But it’s probably the same thing. 😉 It was interesting to be sure, but if you’ve spent any time studying the Church Fathers, it’s not all that revolutionary. The earliest Fathers were masters of allegorical hermeneutics. And of course, there was the fun side too. Endless theological speculation, whilst sipping the finest of Irish Whiskeys around the hearth. That and all the very, very quirky aspects of the retreat centre made it all worth while. The Space Ball. The uplifting and affirming shawls. The endless episodes of Storage Wars on CR’s laptop. This is the stuff that makes a conference a conference. 8)

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