Light is Everything!

U can haz Kitties

Farms. They are a never ending source of life. Especially when it comes to kittens. All you need is one good Tom and a couple females and soon your whole farm will be over run. 😉

Our good friend and pal Heather Tober has a fresh batch of kitties at the farm so the kids went and played with kitten madness. But she also has a super cute blue heeler named Moxie too. Won’t be long before she is biting bulls left right and center, steerin’ steers up and down the corral. 8) But back to the kitties. There’s a whole pile of ’em. I’ve always wanted to nab some kitten shots, so I brought me old macro lens and an off camera flash setup and went to town. Mama cat didn’t even mind me harassing them too much. Lucky for me cuz I’m sure she woulda ate my face off. 😯

Photo Geek Info: There really was nothing to this setup. SB-900 on a stand with a shoot thru umbrella. The light was considerably feathered out though making it really soft and subtle. This was happenstance cuz the kittens were in their box which was down a step and I couldn’t get the light stand aligned on them properly. So feathered it was! Made for cool catch lights in their eyes too. 8)


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