Light is Everything!


I went for a bit of a relaxing photo walk today with the dog. He’d been cooped up for days on end and needed a run and I hadn’t snapped any shots for a couple of days and I didn’t want to lose my edge. Fall colours and textures are a plenty down in the Oak tree ravines just behind our place. I went out to see if I could find a picture of two.

What is it about crunchy leaves? When you’re a kid you can wait to jump in them, roll around in them and frolic and play in them. What fun! 😉 You can almost taste that crisp earthy smell and flavour. I had my 105mm f/2.8 micro VR lens as my only weapon of choice today. I love that lens. It’s so sharp and clear and it takes amazing photos. I also had my tripod and cable release for nabbing the shots because I knew I would be shooting at really small apertures (f/18-22 range) and I was in shade for most of the shoot which meant very long exposure times, upwards of  a second even. Everything needed to be quite still to capture the detail in all its fullness. I was also after colour today as our Photography club’s monthly challenge is fall colours. But I like the interplay of colours and textures and I really wanted photos that had both of those features. So I kept my eyes peeled for really subtle bits of colour difference on the hillsides. The moss is still vibrant green in the midst of all the dead oak leaves. There are occasional red leaves lying on top of the browns and deep oranges. I even nabbed a beautiful red lady bug walking across a yellow leaf! 8) Talk about luck. It all made for a really, really cool shoot. It was very relaxing. I wasn’t worried about light – I knew it would all be flat, but the relationship of the colours and textures would be enough to make the images work. Today was one of those days where you simply get lost in the joy of it all! 🙂


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