Light is Everything!

Just the 3 of us

So I had this big idea that we should go out and do a family photo for the Christmas card before it was really really too late. It’s already too late to nab fall colours which would have been nice, so we decided to do some texture shots at the old stone house (before it falls over completely – it’s really become a cesspool of dilapidated iniquity!). Anyways, I had the vision for the family shot and it went well (look for it at Christmas time…) 8) But before going home, I decided to do an environmental portrait of just the three of us (Me, Regan and baby III). The sun was setting and approaching delicious golden light. The other two kids were screaming in the truck because it was too cold to be outside and they hated their lives in the car seats. But close the truck doors and viola! No more noise problem! 😉 tee hee…. Anyways, we did the setup and got the shot. All in all a pretty fun 45 minutes on the old timey prairie. Read on for photo photo geek disclosure…

Photo Geek Info: This was cool beans. The sunset was just beginning which meant it was still pretty darn bright out. To kill off the ambient I needed to enter into Auto FP mode in Nikon (in Canon it’s high speed sync). I was able to sync my speed lights at 1/640 of  second which was super rad for making the sky and colours really saturated. I dialled in the aperture to f/4.5, ISO 200 and zoomed out to 19mm. I hadn’t done an wide angle shots for long time because I hate optical distortion. But this worked out not too shabby and it rekindled the coolness of environmental portraiture in my mind. 8) Now, because it was still bright, I needed 2 speed lights to pull this off, both through the same shoot through umbrella to camera left. One wasn’t enough and they were both blasting away at 1/2 power I think, which isn’t terribly efficient but it worked. You need lotsa lumens to out crank the sun! I also 1/4 CTO gelled them too to warm up the colour balance of the flashes to make it meld more with the sunset, but not completely. I like the slightly cooler tone that makes the golden rim light stick out more and highlight baby III oh so nicely. 😉


2 responses

  1. Bev Covello

    What a great old house … is it really beyond restoration? I’ve been looking for one to restore.

    Great photo!

    Thanks, Bev

    November 6, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    • Hi – this one is really beat up. It’d be more money to restore it than to build new/restore something in better shape. It’s a pretty nifty structure though! 8)

      November 6, 2011 at 9:38 pm

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