Light is Everything!

Pria’s Baptism

Yesterday was the big day! We baptized Pria out at the historic Trinity Lutheran Church by Willmar. It was truly a blessing to have all the family down for the event. Dad took some photos from before and during and after the service and I got Jimmy to use my camera to also nab a few shots hither and thither. All of our kids have been baptized in a gown that was made from Regan’s wedding dress. She had a wrap that draped over her arms (or whatever they do, I’m a boy). 😉  Point being, it’s a really cool thing for us to illustrate how our marriage has brought forth our family and how that union continues to be part of our families’ spiritual lives as well. The only other baptism I’ve done out at Trinity was for another little baby who was baptized in a 100 year old gown that had been handed down through the family through the ages! It’s a very historic place taking part in a very historic ritual of the Christian faith dating back 2000 years. Being that I’m the pastor as well as the papa, it has an extra special aspect to it. I personally get to be the one God uses to bring the gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation to my own children. It’s a very cool moment! 😎 

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