Light is Everything!

FlowerPot’s Baby Story

Ok! At long last, here is flowerpot’s baby story. I put some video clips together and incorporated some still images too. 😎 I LOVE the thumbnail that YouTube chose for the video. Bwawhahhahaa… Regan’s face = “Whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis?!” 😀


Also, here are some of her baby photos I’ve been working on but I still have some more that I want to take but haven’t had the chance just yet.

Keep reading for my rant on newborn photography or just stop here and enjoy the media! 😉

We chose to work with the flowerpot/flower theme for many of these images. They are shot mostly in the current “trendy baby photo” style. (Ahem, read boring). Honestly, newborn photography is about as stale and old hat as it gets. One person puts a baby in a wool toque, and everybody does the same thing. Suspend the baby in a nylon sock thing, use window light, find big rolling crocheted blankets, top down shot of a basket. It’s all the same. Newborns present major challenges to creativity. Mainly because they can’t do much! Can we push the envelope with them? Can we do something different and interesting?! I bet we can. I vow to do some more creative things with flowerpot in the future that don’t wreak of been there done that, black and white, female canon shooters who use f/1.2 lenses. Stay tuned for originality!

PS: I have nothing against female canon shooters who use f/1.2 lenses. In fact, I’m jealous of f/1.2. Your aperture is bigger than mine. 😉


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