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Archive for June 10, 2012

Website Refresh

Just a quick post for Sunday – I recently refreshed my portfolio website at I liked my old site fine enough, but it was Flash. As a result it couldn’t be viewed on iOS devices. With the majority of people viewing web content on the internet from mobile devices, it only makes sense to have a website format that everyone can view. I switched to an HTML5 portfolio site that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere on any mobile device. Flash sites, as cool as they are, were designed for PC use with mice. In many ways, it’s already a dinosaur in that it predates the mobile “touch” generation. The new site has many flash-like features. I also updated my logo and blog and social media sites accordingly too. I like the more minimalist styling. 😎  And, I added a new gallery for my own on going photo projects. I’m excited to get them underway! Anywayz, just a quick post about the site update.