Light is Everything!

Canadian Gothic


What can I say? Opportunity knocked somethin’ fierce on this shoot! 😎 We were doing some pleasant family portraits up in an incredible old barn loft that didn’t really have much in it except some loose straw and . . . this pitch fork. We finished the family photos and it caught my eye. I instantly knew we needed to try an “American Gothic” style re-make photo. It’s such a familiar painting that it is readily recognized by nearly everyone! So we did it as a last minute thing and I am so happy we did. It’s just so crazy and off the wall. Jen & Lee did perfectly well in keeping the straight stonewall faces. It was priceless, even as I was cracking up behind the camera barely keeping it together. The rest of the shots we did outside of the barn were also fun, promising the kids we’d do some fun and crazy stuff on the fence. All in all it was another really fun photo shoot!


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