Light is Everything!

Lighting Workshop: Highlights

Wow! What an awesome day. We had a blast at the Lighting Workshop, made some new friends and some fun images. We went over the basics of off camera flash and lighting, talked about various light modifiers and had a chance to let everyone play with the light. The weather was beautiful, turning a bit chilly later in the afternoon. Our model Stephanie rocked the set like a trooper, bearing the brunt both the cooler temperatures and a pack of lighting geeks talking camera code for 4 hours! 😎 I had a metric tonne of fun helping the amazing ladies who attended the workshop to have the same “aha!” moments that I had when I began learning light. I was thrilled to be part of it! Keep reading for more geeky info. πŸ™‚

Our first order of business was balancing flash and ambient light levels to make the “nice photos” that grandma wants to hang on the fridge. Soft box in close, one speedlight, no problems.

One Speedlight in Medium Photoflex Softbox

Next, we moved onto a two light setup with a CTO gel on a speedlight for rim and to add some color to the cave wall, and our same softbox as key from the front. The color adds that extra somethin’-somethin’ to the photo. 😎

Then, the next question was how to under expose the sun. Easy as pie. We needed 4 speedlights to do it though. I stole one extra for the shot and blasted away. 1/5000 at f/5.6 very dramatic, super harsh shadows.

A “nice” exposure of the same scene pulled back.

One more pull back for fun. πŸ™‚

We then decided to do some photos with a bit more edge. Shot this photo with the Lumiquest Softbox III and an SB-900. It gives a bit sharper shadow, but not quite as harsh as a bare speedlight would have been.

Again, working with the color motif, we splashed some blue gelled speedlights on the rock face behind our model. The idea was to illustrate that we can light different planes in the photo independently from each other.

We did one final photo setup in one of the caves at Roche Percee. Using a green gelled flash in the cave, a softbox for the key and shooting my 85mm lens at f/2 gave this kind of spooky, X-files-esque image.

Everyone took turns making their own photos.


All in all, it was a wonderful day. It wasfun and everyone had a blast delving deeper into Off Camera Flash and lighting. 😎



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