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Efficient Aperture Workflow for High Resolution Images

I’m always looking for ways to stay as efficient as possible when it comes to editing and organizing images. I came across Nasim’s article about having an efficient Lightroom workflow for D800 files and other super high resolution RAW files. You can never stay too lean or efficient when tossing around the huge D800 36MP files! As an Aperture 3 user, I found a really great image import workflow that has really helped me stay efficient. We all love RAW for the power it gives us to edit and capture the very best of a camera. However, undoubtedly we’ll have a good portion of images from a shoot that either aren’t in focus, aren’t sharp, poor compositions or just plain suck. Why waste time and computer grunt power importing all those crappy (yet still enormous) files?! Here’s the trick: Don’t import them! 😎 Save yourself the time. Here’s how to do it.

Set your camera to shoot both small jpeg and RAW. When you get done your shoot and get ready to import, just import the small jpeg files. You can do this from the Aperture 3 import dialogue or set your camera to write jpeg files to one card and RAW to the other. Importing small jpegs is very fast and efficient. Once they’ve all been imported, you can take a look at your files and make a selection of keeper images. Use a star or a flag or a color or whatever. Then go back to the import dialogue and import Matching RAW files. This import workflow ensures you only import the keeper RAW images saving you oodles of time! 😀 Who doesn’t love having oodles of time?

Check out the YouTube video I made of the import procedure in action.


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