Light is Everything!

Trust The Natives

Truck needs a wash! iPod camera ISO 32 3mm f/2.4 1/651 🙂

Well this year I finally decided to bite the bullet and get some winter tires for my ol’ Honda. It’s not as if we don’t get snow on the prairies, its just that for the last few years, the winters have been very mild as far as snow goes. But every year, there is always an ice storm of some kind leaving heinously crappy roads in its wake. Enter: dedicated winter tires. I sold my right kidney and got them studded too. What an amazing difference!

These wee little metal spikes are embedded into the tire itself, giving added traction in slippery conditions. The other morning I was off to Frobisher and I noticed the road had turned to glare ice just as I was leaving town. I slammed on the breaks with these studded bad boys and I stopped nearly on a dime with no lateral movement. I couldn’t believe it. They are like having a set of cat claws permanently installed on your truck! It’s pure awesome! 😎

As with everything I ever do, I research the hilt out of everything, ad nauseum. No different with tires. All kinds of manufacturers make them, but it has always seemed smart to me to buy products from people who live and work in the same conditions as I do. So, I chose Nokian. They are a Finnish company and do lots of testing in Sweden – on frozen lakes. Their motto is “Trust the Natives.” And, I 100% do. These people live and drive in and around the arctic for crying out loud! These tires have traction where there isn’t any. They plow through snow as if you’re driving a tractor! If you’ve never had winter tires before, I highly recommend you get a set. And studded is even better. True, they are a little noisier on the bare roads, but on our crappy snow/ice covered gong show roads for 50% of the year, it’s really a no brainer. I got mine at Oxbow Tire as they were local and competitive in pricing. And lets face it, it’s all about safety for you and your family and others. Nobody ever stands around at a funeral and says “Wow, that car sure got good gas mileage!” – Trust me, I’ve been to a lot of funerals.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 SUV



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