Light is Everything!

I’m Converting


Yes. It’s true. I’m converting my money religion car to electric Image Editing App of Choice. After many fond years spent with Aperture 3, I just bought Adobe Lightroom 4. Basically, the decision was not an easy one. I’ve loved Aperture and in many ways I still do. It was the first program I bought for professional use. I love the simplicity and ease of use, the file management, vaults, clean interface, sweet image import with matching RAW files.  But, what finally drove me over the edge was performance. I’m still using my 3.06 Core Duo 2 iMac with 16GB of RAM. But Aperture’s editing performance was always a bit slow but it became unbearable since I bought the D800. I couldn’t run any other apps at the same time. I had to run Onyx to clear the caches before starting in on a batch of RAW files. Even after a clean boot, Aperture would soon tank, especially using the retouch brush. And zoomed into 100%, just moving the file around would make the app stall for 15-30 seconds before the image would re-render. So, I downloaded a copy of Lightroom. Loaded up a bunch of RAW files and the app simply flew through them. I couldn’t believe the speed enhancement!!! It blew my mind. Lightroom just saved me $2000.00 in not having to buy a new computer! I tweeted it out and got a reply letting me know that Amazon has it on sale right now for $117!  I put the order through immediately. 😎

It will be a tonne of work to convert all my photos over to Lightroom. But, being that I am insanely organized coupled with Aperture 3 having a great feature for switching to referenced libraries, it will be doable. This article was helpful in solidifying the details. I will keep the Aperture library files so that if I ever need to view my edits on the files, I can do so easily – the edit information doesn’t transfer over.

I’ve been discouraged with Apple in that there’s been no communications about an upgrade to Aperture 4. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Some of the features that I’ve wanted for a while (lens corrections namely) already exist in Lightroom. So, with a bit of a learning curve, I’m now officially a Lightroom convert. There’s a long row to hoe with everything yet, but in time Lightroom will seem like an old pair of familiar jeans of that I’m sure. Wish me luck & happy editing! 😎


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