Light is Everything!

My Favourite Wedding!


Everyone loves poses from 1985

My brother and his beautiful fiancé got hitched in Moose Jaw last weekend and I hitched ’em!  If I open a catering and decorating business I could do everything! hehehe… 😉 It was my esteemed honour to officiate at my little brother’s wedding and to do the formal photos too. I’m not gonna lie, it was as nerve wracking as it was exciting. For family, you want everything to be a notch above.  And I did my very best to pull out all the stops.  We had two great locations in Moose Jaw. Crescent Park was absolutely beautiful and we also got to do some cool shots at Sahara Spa. We were very blessed to have 2 other shooters take photos all day of the pre-service stuff, the ceremony and the reception! Thanks again to Jimmy and Ham for their great job.  All the best to Ryan and Tristin, the latest Schultzes on the block! 😎


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