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LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt 6TB



My new LaCie RAID came yesterday. 😀 It’s Thunderbolt in 6TB of madness. But for me, I configured it to RAID 1 so it’s got data backup redundancy. So I’m down to the 3TB for now. Still lots of room to grow. I like this product for two main reasons. 1, it’s Thunderbolt which is awesome. And 2, you can configure it for striped (RAID 0) or mirrored (RAID 1). So depending on your needs, you can have super speed or data back up. Daddy likey. 😎

Why I went with this over a Drobo: Conceptually, I like Drobo. But what I don’t like is that the user is at the mercy of propriety backup technology. Meaning that if your Drobo enclosure dies, your data cannot be recovered unless you get another Drobo enclosure. That doesn’t sit well with me. With the LaCie RAID, if the enclosure dies, simply pop the drive into any other enclosure and recover your data. Easy.

Striped 2BigDiskSpeedTest

Now for speed. Before I reconfigured the RAID, I tested the speed of the striped config. I used Black Magic speed test. Here’s what I found out. In a striped configuration, the LaCie screams. 304.5 MB/s write and 300.4 MB/s read. That’s awesome! If you wanted to use this as a working drive for video, this would rock the set.


Now, for the mirrored config, I got a little better than half. 179.5 MB/s write and 176.5 MB/s read.  So you can’t have it all. The cost of redundancy is a substantial speed hit. And yet with that in mind, it’s still loads faster than USB3. I tested a bunch of other drive media just to see how they performed. Here’s the results.

A Touro USB3 drive was 94.9 Write and 95.8 Read. A USB2 drive was 37.7 Write and  37.8 Read. I tested a Lexar Professional 32GB SD 400x speed card (in a USB3 reader) and it was 40.2 Write and 87.9 Read – almost approaching USB 3 read times.  So the LaCie with the Thunderbolt goodness is majorly king of the hill, even in a mirrored config.

PS: Just for kicks – a USB2 thumb drive speed: 6.5 Write and 11.4 Read. USB3 thumb drive: 34.7 Write and 43.5 Read. 🙂

So I’m excited to welcome the LaCie into the workflow. It’s going to significantly increase my quality of life in transferring D800 megapretzels, especially after a long day of wedding shooting! I’ll probably abandon my Aperture 3 JPEG + Matching RAW workflow as it will be just as fast to copy the RAW files to a scratch folder on the LaCie and do the culling from there. I’m sure it will be fantastic!




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