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Time is of the essence

20160208-Sunrise-001.jpgThe Saskatchewan sunrises and sunsets are incredible. This goes without saying. But time is of the essence. These moments of great light are fleeting and often within a few minutes they are gone forever! Never to be seen again. I guess the lesson is to make the most of the time we have been given; to enjoy and actually live in the moment we are in. This is the miraculous aspect of Photography. It has the ability to freeze time and memories. It gives us the opportunity to return to those fleeting moments and remember them.

The History of Photography in 5 Minutes

Very cool video worth a watch! Amazing to see how photography has exploded so rapidly, largely thanks to the iPhone.

Zack Arias Twin!


Our Scout leader Scouter Tyler at camp was an absolute doppelgänger for famous photographer Zack Arias! Don’t you think?!


I reached out to Zack on Twitter and this was his reply. lol.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.13.17 AM