Light is Everything!

Road Trip 2017: Day 1

Everyone knows that you don’t go on vacation when you have small kids. You go on trips. For the elaboration on the topic, read this essay. 😉 So our Road Trip this year was exciting and elaborate! The big picture trip was from Oxbow, SK to Waterton Park, Alberta then to Glacier National Park, Montana, then to Cypress Hills Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Eastend, Saskatchewan and then home again! We were gone for a total of 12 days and they were all amazing! For the entire trip I used only the FujiFilm XE2 camera with the 18-55 f/2.8-4 lens. And then also the iPhone7 for a few water-based photos. Travelling light is the only way to go when you are on a trip like this with the kids. Bringing all my heavy Nikon DSLR gear would have been a real drag. The super light weight of the Fuji mirrorless was the cat’s PJs. I shot the bulk of the trip in Velvia simulation because I love that ultra saturated look for landscapes. But without further adieu, heres the pictures from the first leg of the trip.

These photos were from the drive to Crooked Creek Campground, just near the edge of Waterton Park. The drive across the prairies is long and fairly boring. But they built the Number 1 highway where they did because it was flat (read cheap!). All you need to do is get off the highway and excellent adventure awaits. The first thing we really stopped to see was this ginormous Mormon temple in Cardston, Alberta. It’s unbelievable! The sheer size and magnitude of such a building in such a small town can’t be over stated. It was the first temple built outside of the United States and really is worth a stop to see it. From there it was a quick drive the Crooked Creek Campground just outside of Waterton. We setup camp and did a little walking around the creek. It was a beautiful spot and our campsite was surrounded with ripe Saskatoon berries! We had a good nights sleep and got ready to take on the National Park the next morning! More to come!



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