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Road Trip 2017: Day 2

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 10.24.51 AM

So Day 2 of our epic road trip took us to Waterton Park. It was only a few minutes from our campground and we spent the whole day there taking in the sights. Pictures and story after the jump.

We headed straight to Red Rock Canyon first thing in the morning and beat all the other tourists there. It was awesome to get to have such a beautiful spot all to yourself. The kids had a blast climbing on the rocks and playing near the waterfall and river. I was totally taken with the rock! The colour and the craggy nature of it was so neat! From there we took the short hike up to Blakiston Falls which have these really cool viewing platforms that stretch out over the falls. They make it easy to get great shots of the falls.

On our way out to the townsite we saw a Grizzly bear in the meadow eating berries. I had to take the shot from the car though as the Park wardens were on site telling everyone to keep moving and not stop on the highway. BOOO!! So only a quick window shot was available of the bear. We did see two other black bears along the way too so our trip was bear-rich. Once in the town we went to Wieners of Waterton and Waffleton for a bite to eat. Both places are must stop! We then went and checked out the gorgeous Cameron Falls that are right in the townsite. It’s incredible to have such beautiful waterfalls right in the town. We hiked around the town a bit and then went up to Cameron Lake but we had some rain which put a bit of a damper on things there.

At midday we decided to tackle the Bear’s Hump hike. The guide we looked at said it was only a moderate hike. WRONG!!!!!!! It’s a hike from hell! LOL! It’s only one KM but it goes up like 500 feet! Switchbacks and big steps galore, the kids were half dead half way up. But we persisted and the view of the town and the lake/fjords was just splendid! The Prince of Wales hotel looks more impressive from farther away than it does up close. But all of these elements combine to make Waterton a must see place. We hung out on the rocky beaches for the remainder of the day before heading back to our campsite.


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