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Road Trip 2017: Day 3

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.17.23 AM

So Day 3 of our epic road trip took us from Waterton, Alberta to West Glacier, Montana. The route took us over the most incredible drive I’ve ever done the Going to the Sun Road. It was created in 1932 solely for tourism. The road only has one switchback and follows the contour of the mountain the whole way. It’s absolutely majestic and words can’t describe how incredible the view is. It is an absolute MUST SEE bucket list trip!

I have seen quite a bit of scenery in my life but nothing is like this place. The drive is utterly amazing. Speeds are relaxed, 45 mph at the most, usually around 25 mph for pretty much the whole way. But it was a white knuckled drive (for this stubble jumper anyways). As the driver, you don’t get to fully take in the scenery as the road is a narrow two lane that hugs the mountain on one side and looms over certain death and dismemberment on the other. It requires focus, concentration and Vin Diesel precision driving. But it is utterly gorgeous and worth every minute of it. There are quite a few places to pull over and stop along the way which we did. But I really got to enjoy the scenery more when we took the shuttle back up the next day.

We didn’t do any hiking on this day of the trip. We stopped just west of Logan’s Pass to look at the snow on the side of the road and get some pictures of the beautiful water fall that’s right there. We jumped back in the van and finished the Going to the Sun road and went and checked out the visitor centre at Apgar. We learned about the shuttle there and made our plans for Day 4. We then went and checked out Lake McDonald at one of the picnic sites. We made our supper there and the kids had fun playing in the water. We then headed to our camping cabins at West Glacier campground which were decent. We were right beside a family from the Netherlands which was fun to visit with and swap travel stories. We hit the sack with visions of mondo Day 4 adventures!


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