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Road Trip 2017: Day 5

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 4.15.53 PM

Day 5 took us from West Glacier to Whitefish. Normally a winter tourism skiing snowboarding mecca, there is actually a lot to do there in the summer! 

Our first order of the day was to goto Big Mountain after we hit up the visitor centre. It’s normally a winter hang out but the lifts and gondolas still run in the summer. My wife insisted we take the lift & the gondola to the top of the mountain for lunch at the chalet. I acquiesced to the request reluctantly as I hate heights! But the view from the top was worth the vertigo. Unfortunately the BC forrest fires had settled in and was filling up the vista with smoke.But it was still pretty cool and scenic. You could see the mountain bike trails that people were riding from the top all the way down too. The kids wanted to do the Alpine Slide so we rode that back down the mountain which was terrifying. Ok, it wasn’t that bad. The kids had fun. lol

In the afternoon we killed some time at Whitefish Lake. It was a really nice public beach that was sort of reminiscent of Penticton or Kelowna, BC. The kids had a lot of fun splashing around and we also rented a stand up paddle board which are all the rage. We first saw them at Ukee Days in Ucluelet, BC last year. But obviously they are popular everywhere (that has water lol).

The final event of Day 5 was to check out the farmer’s market in downtown Whitefish. WOW! What an amazing setup. Oodles of food trucks, fresh farm produce booths and all kinds of handicrafts and stuff! We walked around and took in the sights as well as ate some delicious food truck num-nums. If you are going to be staying in Montana, I highly recommend grabbing some produce from the farmer’s market.  All in all it was another gorgeous and fun day in Montana!


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