Light is Everything!

Road Trip 2017: Day 7

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 5.59.35 PM

Day 7 was laden with awesome water-based adventure! It all began around 11:15AM with a scenic float down the flathead river, courtesy of Montana Raft Co! It involved one excited 7 year old jumping overboard to his heart’s delight!

We got a fairly early start, packing up our stuff at the cabin. We had one swing day in our accommodations between Glacier NP and Cypress Hills, SK. We got a campsite at the Fish Creek campground and broke out the tent for the one night. But before all that, we headed across the road from the cabins to Montana Raft. We decided to take the scenic float instead of the white water because we were certain our kids would most likely come to an untimely demise. lol. They were technically old enough for the more adventurous trip but we figured we’d take it easy for our first float. The trip was absolutely gorgeous. We were on board with 2 couples from Arkansas and our guide. The river has some fast spots but mostly it’s just a simple ride to take in the scenery. I had left the Fuji in the car as it’s not waterproof and went with just the iPhone 7 which is basically water proof for all the river shots.

But then we arrived at a beautiful spot where the water was nearly completely still. Our guide said “If anyone wants to jump in, now’s the time!” Ethan’s eyes got as big as plates and he jumped right in! The water was ice cold but it didn’t stop him. Phoebe also jumped in but Ethan made a sport out of it! All in all, it was an awesome float that lasted about 2 hours but seemed like it was over in about 15 minutes. The Flathead river is a must see and I highly recommend Montana Raft.

The next stop was just down the road to the Wandering Gringo Cafe. They had really great Mexican food. And their site was pretty cool and eclectic as well. From there we went back to Apgar visitor centre so that the kids could get their Junior Park Ranger badges after filling out their workbooks.

We setup camp afterward at the Fish Creek Campground. It’s a very nice spot. But of course it was still in bear country. I don’t think I slept a wink that night. Every forest noise was of course a ferocious Grizzly bear coming to eat us. LOL. But before bed the kids decided to take in a nature program with one of the rangers. I wanted to do and get some long exposure shots of Fish Creek. I had brought along my 10 stop ND filter for the Fuji but it was late enough in the day that I could just stop the lens down and lengthen the shutter speed. I just love turning water into silk with these kinds of shots! Would have loved to stop by some of the waterfalls along the way to do more of this but time didn’t allow it this time. Day 7 began and ended with water-based fun! 😎


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