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Road Trip 2017: Day 8

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.04.14 AM

Day 8 saw us travel from West Glacier, Montana USA to Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan Canada. We got searched at the Canadian border (of course) but the border guard took one look at our vacation-smelling mini-van and let us go. LOL. 😎

This blog post actually encompasses a couple of days but I’m summarizing it into one post. This leg of the road trip was our annual University friends get together. This year we decided to meet in Cypress Hills. We’ve been here several times now but it never gets old. It’s a wonderful provincial gem in Saskatchewan. We always get a bad rep as being “flat landers” – but that is only true if you never leave the #1 Highway.  Get off that road! Adventure awaits. The forest in Cypress is gorgeous! And the view from the top of the surrounding country is staggering. It’s a must see in Saskatchewan!

Unfortunately, the forest was tinder dry and during this trip there was a fire ban. Which included not only campfires but also hiking on many of the trails in the park – including the drive to conglomerate cliffs. I guess they were fearful of cigarette butts and mufflers igniting the park. We were still able to go to Fort Walsh though which is always fun. The Fort was constructed to bring some law and order to the land after a massacre between American wolf hunters and the Indigenous people. Now it offers rebuilt Fort grounds to replicate how it would have looked back in the day. The historic displays made for great still life stuff that I chose to shoot in black and white.

On our way out of the Fort, we became that family as we walked back to the van. It’s funny now to look back on the ensuing gong show that took place with our youngest who was hot, hungry and tired from all the moving about. If you ever want to see pure, 5 year old rage, look at this photo. LOL! 😆


We rounded out our time in Cypress Hills with some Go Kart rides at Cypress Hills Speedway. I was like a bear riding a unicycle trying to drive these things around! Hahhahahah…. But the kids had fun. And that’s all that matters. We had but one final adventure left on this road trip…


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