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Photobook layout on the computer screen & finished book on the right.

I’ve made several photo books over the years now from Phoebe’s baby pics for the grandparents to anniversaries to summer memory books and of course, for clients too. Photo books have got to be one of the best options for finishing out photos and displaying them. The curse of digital photography is that our photos are often relegated to living in the digital on-screen world – and that can be good thing, especially in our day of iPhones and iPads, the photos are more readily accessible and easier to share than ever before. However, digital is not always best. Big prints and photo books often lend more physicality and dimension to the photos. Books have a great way of simply “being there” on a coffee table or in grandma’s purse to show friends and family. And, do to the aforementioned digital world, print media is almost novel these days making books more special than on a phone screen. I did up a book for Erin from two different shoots I did for her this year just to say thank you for being the best babysitter ever to our kids. You can’t buy the memories in the book! It’s a one of a  kind piece of art!  And, it is very satisfying to see photography in print, just like a project completed. 🙂

dot com baby, yeah!

Well, it’s official. I converted my wordpress blog into a dot com by registering the domain name through wordpress. I was always mystified by registering domain names and what have you, thinking there was mucho hassle and expense involved. In reality, there’s nothing to it! Everyone should have their own domain name. 😉  I stuck with wordpress simply because I don’t intend to develop a professional website right now and wordpress blog capabilities are excellent, more than enough for my needs. Anyways, it’s true that you just feel cooler and more elite than you are when you have a dot com! heheehehhe… 😉

I present thee with, my card