Light is Everything!

Range Work

Howdy friends. I did some work at the range today. Rather than tell everyone separately I made this post so you guys can see what’s going on and what we need to do.

Sump Install

I had a rain barrel at my house that was damaged and wouldn’t hold water but would make for the perfect sump setup. I drilled drain holes and wrapped it in screen. I figured that hiding it behind that range wing would make the most sense to protect it from people shooting it. I also dug a trench so that the low spots closer to the front of the range would drain to the sump. We just need to get 16′ of sand sock weeping tile and lay it in there with some gravel and it should work. It was not fun digging. But you can see there is already water seeping into the sump. I dumped the spent range brass and gravel around the sides to crib it in.

We will have to get a sump pump & check valve once funds are in place, likewise the weeping tile. If we go out the back of the range it’s about a 75′ length. Probably abs/pvc is the best/cheapest way to do this. We will come up 3′ with the pipe from the sump to give lots of grade to drain. It’s nearly impossible to push it right outside immediately from the sump as there are a million trees in between the range and the rink making it nearly impossible to get in there – unless we cut them down. We can talk about the best plan of attack for draining the sump.


To stop the leaking in that walkway access between the range and the rink we need to install a flashing. I made a ghetto ladder out of some 2×6 at the range to get up here and take a look. They spray foamed the roof tin piece but that’s all gone bad. Water comes right under this tin and down into that doorway making all that nasty black mold. We can install a flashing, probably 5′ long and it would take care of that. Then we can cut out that rotten moldy crap. I still want to spray that all down first with some industrial mold killer that I will pick up soon.

Roof Vents

While I was on the roof, I took a look at the venting situation. It’s pretty bad news. The quonset vents are wide open. Rain and Racoons for sure are getting in here. Sorry for the metric tape (kids lost my imperial one). The quonset vents are 40cm/15.75in – the whirlybirds that were purchased are too small to cover these vents. So we will have to find something else or fabricate our own vent caps. There are 3 wide open vents we need to deal with. The other 2 are in fine shape.

Exhaust Fan

The main exhaust fan for the range is a gong show. That pipe is just sitting in there, flopping around. We need to secure it inside the roof vent and then install some kind of flashing or shroud to cover it. It is likewise a 40cm/15 3/4in vent at the base, just like the others. The exhaust pipe itself is 31cm/12.20in diameter. Both are open to the rain right now.

Heater Venting

The heater venting is also leaking down into the foyer. This is an easy fix. Just a fresh bead of silicone/caulking will fix it. Also for the unit hanger, it just needs some sealant and it’s good to go.

Side Windows

There are 4 of these windows on the north side of the building and probably the same on the south (can’t tell because of all those trees/connecting walkway might hide some) but probably there are 8 in total. These are wide open and allowing rain and vermin in. We could cut pieces of tin and slide them up under that little top flashing, silicone and screw them in to cover them. If they still have that operator piece, we will have to cut that off. Tin would need to be at least 52cm/20.5in wide x 66cm/26in tall or a bit bigger to extra sure to cover these over.

Well that’s the extent of the external stuff that we need to deal with as soon as possible. We can discuss if we want to have a work day and tackle some of these/get a plan. Thanks!