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Evening Shoot

Went out last night for an evening shoot with the Sawatsky family. We had perfect weather with glorious warm golden light โ€“ until the last 2 minutes of the shoot when the wind came up out of nowhere, blew over my c-stand (sandbagged!) and carried my light setup a quarter mile! bwahahahah.. I wish I would have taken pictures of my shoot-thru umbrella carrying my flash bracket across the beach. ย It was hilarious. Fortunately, nothing was damaged and, we got the shot after all! ๐Ÿ˜€

Not enough can be said about golden light, that mystical time of the day right before sunrise and right before sunset. The light is super soft and warm. It’s pure awesome. Plus, scheduling the shoot at that time allows for the sunset to get richer and richer as time goes on. Most of the photos from this shoot were shot using ambient light as the key, supplemented with a CTO flash to help add warmth and a kicker. It’s really soft subtle light which works nice for the kids. They did an AWESOME job as photo candidates. We worked quickly and nabbed a nice mix of shots.


Dusty Dam

Had to make a water run tonight to the supple bounty of Alameda. It was approaching golden light which is always exciting. It was also dusty as all get out. Dust, fog, mist – they are all the theme park of light. We lucked out and ran into much dust on the roads to let the sunset have the mucho fun. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

The Dam

I finally got a minute to run out to the dam and try my new variable ND filter in a landscape scenario. But of course, the water at the Dam was nearly glass anyways. Just my luck… But I took the kids and did a few long exposure setups in an effort to really blur the water and make it look dreamy. Many of the photos were shot at f/22 and upwards of 6 seconds! Not too shabby. We’ll have to try it again on a day where there is mucho waves. Thinking ahead though, ย I threw a little flash setup into the truck last minute. Actually it was my beastly new C-Stand and Photoflex NXT Octodome – I love this new stand! I was able to put the light right over head of the kids and blast ’em without worry of the thing tipping over. It’s so sweet! Even though it was a bicep buster hauling it up and down the bank at the dam. My favourite image of the night is the one I put at the top of this blog post. Ethan was facing opposite to the light, but it captured the fun of the evening!

Souris Floods & Alameda Dam

“How high’s the water, mama?” . . . it’s waaay too high Johnny Cash, thanks for asking. Went for a quick drive this morning and nabbed a few more update shots of the flooding crisis. It’s hard to believe there can be this much water. I have also been wanting to get some shots of the Alameda Dam spillway too. So we ran over to the Dam and did a little hike to nab some photos. The weather was finally cooperating and I got some nice light and clouds which I was happy about. To top it all off, some folks were fishin’ on the spill way side. Why not? :mrgreen:

PS: If you ever wondered what those little huts are down by the Dam, they are checking stations. We ran into one of the techs who was there making sure all was well structurally with the Dam. I always thought they were bees. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Photo Fun ~ Day 22

Challenge of the Day: Landscape.

Photo Fun ~ Day 20

Challenge of the Day: Water.

This is the spillway at the Alameda Dam. There is a metric tonne of water coming over this puppy per second. The town of Oxbow is on alert because of the flooding, as is much of the South East. It’s truly unbelievable how much water is lying around and flowing through rivers right now. And the incessant rain isn’t helping things either. . . . Time to start building an ark. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย . . . in all seriousness though, I truly hope the evacuation orders are just precautionary and that people don’t lose their homes to this. ๐Ÿ˜