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I pulled the trigger on getting a FujiFilm X-Pro2. Sight unseen. But I had been coveting one since it was announced. But I thought “nah, I’ve got loads of Nikon gear. What do I need an X-PRO2 for? It’s not a need. It’s a want.”


From the very first moment I picked the camera up, while it was still in the protective shipping plastic bag yet, I loved it. The camera is big and solid, hefty even. It feels perfect in the hand. I threw in a charged batter from my X-E2 (which are the same by the way) and slapped on the 35mm f/2 lens. What a dream. The camera is blazing fast to autofocus & accurate. I shot the normal test shots we all do of our keyboards to test focus and it was bang on.  I quickly put the camera into ACROS film simulation. Wow.


The photos have this alive/organic/analog quality to them. The transfer from shadows to highlights is out of this world. The ACROS grain is so smooth and film like even at higher ISOs my jaw dropped when viewing the files. They seemed to jump off the screen at me.


I just kept shooting the kids. Shot after shot through the EVF, the shots were sharp, and had the same filmic quality. I was hooked from the very first few frames!


The shadows are so rich and the highlights are buttery perfectly. I was shooting the camera wide open at f2 and the files are sooo sweet. I always knew that the fuji JPGs were great, my X-E2 files are wonderful. But the X-PRO2 files are just that much better. I can’t wait to actually put the camera through it’s paces.

20171025-XPRO2-048These quick shots here are straight from camera, no editing other than a resize for the blog. Again, I’m totally blown away by the camera. The tonality of the files is wonderful. I’ve never ever felt this way about a camera before or the photographic results. If you’ve ever been thinking of getting an X-PRO2, do it. I can already see how this camera is going to change my photography going forward. More to come!

D800: The Mad Skittles

MyD800 3

I’ve had my D800 for exactly a week and all I can say is “boy howdy!” This camera is a beast and I love it. I am so glad that I made the choice to get it over the D600. The fit and finish is just like my D300s. In fact, the D300s actually feels more bulky and tankish than the D800 does. Regardless, it’s a perfect fit for what I love to do. I’m blown away by the image quality and detail with every single shot I take. And, I’m blown away that when I put a 32GB card in it, I get roughly 400 RAW photos. Gulp. Dear Santa, please bring me a billion hard drives for Christmas next year. . .

MyD800 2The resolution of this camera just doesn’t quit. You can zoom in and zoom in and zoom in. Nothing can hide from the sensor. Which can be a little unnerving too. It will change how I do post production for sure. That said, when you make edits, they are easily seen. You have to tread lightly over those 36 megapixels.

MyD8006The Internet is ripe with people who have reported left autofocus point problems with the D800. I was very nervous about my camera being affected. But I did the tests and it looks like clear sailing for my copy which is a big sigh of relief. I setup the siemens stars and did a live view focus test followed up by an autofocus test at f/1.4 on a 50mm AF-S lens. Everything looked the same when I viewed the files on the computer (they all looked pretty crappy as my 50mm lens copy isn’t  very good at f/1.4).

MyD800 1I was able to take some test shots with off camera flash over new years too which worked seamlessly. The metering is pretty much bang on which is nice. And, the camera can accurately autofocus in absolute darkness! Unbelievable! 😎

MyD800 4

Ruby at f/2.5 in window light

I was up in Moose Jaw visiting the family too and Dad and I decided to put the D800 to the test. We did a high ISO test between it and the Canon EOS 1D-X, an amazing low light wonder camera. I wanted to test the idea that because the D800 has double the resolution of the 1DX, it should perform comparable if not better at the same ISO. We put both cameras at 6400 ISO and took them to a old train station which has since become the liquor store. 😀 Check out our vid to see the real world print results of downsampling.