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Gary Fong is Wrong

8) *This is a photo geek post.* Proceed with Caution 8)


Small Flash Diffusion Part 2

My generous friend Kevin lent me yet another light diffusing toy today, an Ezybox from Lastolite. I’ve had my eye on these products for quite a while and I was tickled plum to death to get the chance to play with it today. I made another quick YouTube vid comparing the light quality from one SB-600 speedlight but modified through the Ezybox Softbox, bounced off of a white reflector, shot through a diffuser, shot with a Gary Fong lightsphere, bounce flash off the ceiling and finally for kicks, natural light. It’s 5 different modifications from one flash, with 5 different outcomes when it comes to light quality. Pick which one you like the best!  I think if I had to pick, I’d go with the softbox followed by the bounce flash from the white reflector. 🙂

Light Quality

The biggest problem a photographer has (besides budget) is quality of light. I describe the quality of light as an essential aspect of how your image will turn out. Joe McNally has a bunch of adjectives to describe light quality from muddy to harsh, etc. And it’s all true, the mood of your photo is created by the quality of light illuminating your subject. No problem if you are doing flash photography/studio lit shots where you have complete control of your ambient light settings. But, what if you’re outside on a clear blue sky day with direct lighting coming down at noon?! Well, you get something like this:

Harsh Light

You get really harsh, sharp shadows and highlights. The lighting is not flattering. It’s not soft. It’s mean light. Now say, you’re a wedding photographer and you have to make pictures at 12PM. What are you going to do? You can’t make nice images in this quality of light. You have to diffuse it. Shade is usually the most sought after option. But in this shot, there is no shade. There are no leaves on the  trees yet. So what can you do? (Besides move to a nicer climate). 😉

Diffused Light

You diffuse it! I took a giant diffuser and put it on a stand directly over Regan’s head. This makes for a much softer and over all better quality of light. The hard shadows are gone. The mean highlights have disappeared into beautiful softness. But, the image still is kind of flat and even looking, like when you take a picture on a cloudy day. It needs some extra pop.

Diffused & Reflected Light

This is starting to look good! A little bit of reflected light from below acts as a fill light and adds dimension and tonality back into the image. The light has been tamed, now it’s redirected! You begin to make the light work for you.

And here’s the end result: Glamour Shots by J at high noon with available light that is under my control! bwahahhahahaha!! 😉