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The Hated Photo


Today marks the one year anniversary of our dear neighbour’s lost battle with Cancer. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year already. When Megan was first diagnosed, I took this picture. She always hated this picture and God knows I hated taking it. She hated it because in the back of her mind she knew it would become ‘the picture’ on her memorial cards. We can still hear her voice and we still miss her dearly on Moir Dr. It’s not the same since she died nor will it ever be. But we are never without hope! Megan was a strong Christian lady who knew her Saviour. It’s a nice ‘coincidence’ that this one year anniversary comes to us on Palm Sunday – when all the little children ran out to greet Jesus and welcome Him. Our dear friend is not to be pitied. We are. For she now gets to see her Saviour face to face. We miss you muchly dear friend and can’t wait to see you again!

Christ is Risen!  He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Fight For Fonstad Foto Shoot x 5

Well, I was finally able to finish the edits from the Fight for Fonstad Foto Shoots. We promised the families who signed up a disc of 5 images. I’ve got a few more than 5 for everyone, but I didn’t want to post them all on my blog. That would be like ruining Christmas. 😉 So, I paired the collection down to 5 images to display here on the blog as a teaser preview (different from the ones I posted in the last entry). We had such a great time putting this event together and even more fun taking the pictures. All the families I was blessed to snap photos for were amazing and the kids were awesome little troopers. The wind was COLD despite the sunshine! So hats off to you all. 🙂

I am really happy with how the images turned out, especially because these were my very first official photo shoots ever. It was a great learning experience for me and working within a 20 minute window makes you appreciate the luxury of time you usually have to finesse the images. 😉 And again, I’m very thankful to my papa for coming down from Moose Jaw and helping me out, even if he would have rather taken pictures himself than hold the diffuser . . . heheheehhe…  I threw in 5 shots that he took of yours truly in action just to inflate my ego for kicks. 🙂

Fight For Fonstad! ~ Sneak Preview

 WOW! We had an incredible time today at the Fight For Fonstad Foto Shoots. We had 20 minutes to make as many images as we could for the people who donated to the cause. It was fast and furious photography to say the least. But what a whole lot of fun! We did have a sunny day, but it was horrendously windy. So I salute all of our little troopers who took of their coats for photos in the cold wind. Everyone did great and we absolutely had a making pictures. As I mentioned before, I had my dad assisting me, running the soft box,  the diffuser and the reflector, and even taking some occasional photos of me taking photos! heheeheh… 😉 It was a tremendous, tremendous day and I want to thank everyone who made this event a success and the other photographers making images at the same time as I was in Carnduff & Oxbow. Hats off to you ladies! Can’t wait to see the pics.

This a sneak peak of the images of the day. I haven’t had time to go through them all yet, but I grabbed a few bright and shiny ones from the pile. 😉

Fight for Fonstad!

Well, the eve of the big event has finally arrived! I’m getting stoked for the Fight for Fonstad Foto Shoots that are taking place simultaneously in Carnduff, Oxbow and Alameda. We are all honored to come together  as a big community and help support our friends as they endure a very difficult trial. I absolutely love the way that the small towns band together and help each other when calamity strikes. It makes one feel tremendously blessed and privileged to live in such a wonderful place.

Alameda’s locations have been locked in. The plan is to meet up at the Alameda Picnic Park for outdoor shots. It provides a great array of different natural backdrops. We also have the Alameda United Church locked in for an indoor location if things turn sour for us in the weather. It’s always good to have a plan B! 😉

I’m also pleased to have my dad, Bob Schultz from Sunwood Photography, as my photo assistant. The photo shoots will go by very fast and we will need to work very quickly to stay on schedule. Having a great assistant will make all the difference.

I’m excited to be part of such a great event and I hope that we have great weather and an even better time taking photos!

Fight for Fonstad Walkathon

Wow!! What an awesome event! Our Prairie Horizons School has been working hard at fund raisers for the Fonstad Family. Today, all the students and staff did a walkathon march to the Fonstad’s house from the school, guided by firefighter escort and the Fonstads riding in golf cart style. I grabbed my camera and had a blast taking shots as the event unfolded. It’s was just like movie! It came complete with a helicopter and everything!!  There were loads of photographers taking pictures at this event so I’m sure there will be lots of great photos! I’m jealous that Jocelyn got to ride in the helicopter taking aerial shots! 😉 But then again, I got to ride the fire truck! 🙂 Super fun day and Megan did an awesome job speaking to the assembly with a very hopeful message!  We’re going to beat this thing! 🙂

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Fight For Fonstad Foto Shoots

My next door neighbor and friend Megan was recently diagnosed with a rare lung cancer that targets non-smoking women. In response, a few of us local photographers are doing  “Fight For Fonstad Foto Shoots” – 3 simultaneous photography shoots happening in Carnduff, Oxbow and Alameda. The idea is to have 20 minute blitz photo sessions and provide people with a CD of 5 professionally edited images of them and their families at a cost of $50.00 of which all the proceeds will go to help the Fonstad family in their fight against cancer.

The Schedule will go something like this in all three locations:

10:00AM-2:00PM ~ 20 minute shoots

You can contact Jocelyn Harvey in Carnduff

Jocelyn Harvey

Starr Mercer in Oxbow,

Starr Mercer

and as an honorary Alameda resident, yours truly 🙂

Jason Schultz

to book a photography session.  All people are welcome to participate from individuals to groups. C’mon out and support a great cause!!! Check out the Fight for Fonstad Foto Shoot group on Facebook.