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Every year on Halloween (Or, Reformation Day if you’re really cool), we host the “Hallowiener” at our house. Basically, we sell hotdogs and drink and give all the money to charity. Our neighbourhood comes together and donates all the food so that every dollar we raise goes to the cause. This year, we were very happy to help out our local health centre in their project to buy a new HandiVan. Our one night spooktacular event raised $1073.00 and we sold 160 hotdogs! We had several great donations to the cause that we are super thankful for. Here’s a couple of snapshots really from the event. All with the FujiFilm X-PRO2 and the 23mm f/2 lens. I was cooking hotdogs all night so I didn’t really have time to take many photos. 😂 The halloween pumpkin shot at the top of the page was light with the candle inside the Jack O Lantern and a little handheld pocket flashlight (the S1 mini Baton from OLight) feathered just enough to add some shape. That little flashlight never leaves my pocket, I carry it everyday. It’s the most useful item ever. Highly recommend it! 😎 HallowienerCash-1 And I was able to make the presentation to the HandiVan project board today at the hospital. 😎👍

Hallowiener 2014


So my lovely wife came up with a swell brain wave for Halloween this year.  Instead of simply going around and collecting a bunch of sugar & treats, why not try to help people in Uganda collect safe drinking water? Seems logical to me!  So the idea was born! We will sell hotdogs and a drink for $5 bones and donate all the money to Compassion! And sell we did. But first, it needed a name. The “Hallowiener!” (I came up with this title all on my own with no help from anybody else. Ignore whatever tales people may tell out of school). It fuses both halloween and hotdogs. What’s not to love? 120 hotdogs sold and a pile of extra donations! Grand total: $881.10!!! This translates into nearly 9 clean water collection systems or third of the way to a well for a community. Woot!! 😀  A humungous thank you to everyone for their generosity. It was a sucker-cold and windy halloween so we were super glad to see so many people stop by and warm up at the hallowiener! 😎


Fight For Fonstad! ~ Sneak Preview

 WOW! We had an incredible time today at the Fight For Fonstad Foto Shoots. We had 20 minutes to make as many images as we could for the people who donated to the cause. It was fast and furious photography to say the least. But what a whole lot of fun! We did have a sunny day, but it was horrendously windy. So I salute all of our little troopers who took of their coats for photos in the cold wind. Everyone did great and we absolutely had a making pictures. As I mentioned before, I had my dad assisting me, running the soft box,  the diffuser and the reflector, and even taking some occasional photos of me taking photos! heheeheh… 😉 It was a tremendous, tremendous day and I want to thank everyone who made this event a success and the other photographers making images at the same time as I was in Carnduff & Oxbow. Hats off to you ladies! Can’t wait to see the pics.

This a sneak peak of the images of the day. I haven’t had time to go through them all yet, but I grabbed a few bright and shiny ones from the pile. 😉