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Good Shepherd

I was up in the Queen City of Regina doing a website photo package for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  It’s always nice to have photos of your building and what you do on your website so people can check out what’s shaking. The name of the game this time round was architectural shots, staff portraits, stock photography and some action shots of a typical sunday service. The shoot was fast and furious and fairly extensive. But we got it done before Regan and I went off to see Fiddler on the Roof live at the Arts Centre (which was AMAZING! Highly recommend you check it out). I wish I could have taken some pictures but they have a “poison dart photo policy” which means they employ a rainforest aborigine with his blow dart gun to *ftoof* shoot you in the neck if he sees you with a camera. You wake up naked on a hill of fire ants somewhere near buffalo pound I’m told. 😯 Shudder!